Job Simulator Free PC Game Download Full Version

Job Simulator Free PC Game Download Full Version

Job Simulator Free PC Game is like a full job simulator, but not in the more common setting. The job simulator world is a future where robots rule everything. All jobs are taken from them, everything that humans have ever done is done by strange mechanical creatures. Use your hands to pack, stack, reach, stack and do many different processes. Work is not as easy as it seems! Drink coffee on your lunch break and grab your pizza from the bin and it’s finally edible. You can also juggle tomatoes. Work as a car mechanic and dismantle the car. Make a fragrant tea and remove the culprits. At the same time, the simulator offers many possibilities. For example, you can throw a stapler at the boss. Ancient Cities

Job Simulator PC Game Download

Job Simulator Torrent is designed for Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality VR headsets. Find out what “work” is. And do it with the clumsy hands of robotic machines. Just like humans, some people have to work overtime and work night shifts. All tasks are extremely comical and cause a lot of positive emotions and a large number of funny situations. You have to find out if the bandit has real “lemons”, how old the children are, their maturity and other funny moments. You choose who you become: an exemplary employee who completes all tasks, or a hanger-on who prefers to wipe his pants and clean up the dirt. Nekohiroimasita

Players engage in pretend jobs in a working museum controlled by robots that look like floating CRTs with faces on them. Job titles are represented as linguistic approximations of actual occupations: “Auto Mechanic”, “Gourmet Chef”, “Store Clerk” and “Office Clerk”. Accompanied by a computer character who provides explanations and guidance, players complete Job Simulator courses, some realistic and some comical. For example, in the “Office Worker” simulation, players engage in activities such as new employee screening and field visits but also invite people over for doughnuts, share photos at the water cooler, and engage in other Office tasks.


It offers a unique and humorous experience, allowing players to take on various job roles in a futuristic world where robots have taken over all jobs. Here are some of the key features of Job Simulator:

Interactive Virtual Reality Gameplay:

Job Simulator is designed exclusively for VR, providing an immersive and interactive experience. Players can physically use their VR controllers to pick up objects, manipulate items, and perform tasks in a 3D virtual environment.

Job Variety:

The game offers four main job scenarios for players to choose from: Office Worker, Gourmet Chef, Store Clerk, and Automotive Mechanic. Each job provides distinct tasks and environments, offering diverse experiences and gameplay mechanics.

Humorous and Nonsensical Tasks:

The tasks and challenges given to players in each job are often whimsical, absurd, and comically exaggerated. The game does not aim for realism but instead focuses on entertaining and humorous interactions.

No Consequences or Fail States:

Unlike many traditional games, Job Simulator doesn’t have strict goal or failure conditions. Players are encouraged to experiment freely, and there are no real consequences for not completing tasks correctly.

Physical Interactions:

The job Simulator takes advantage of VR technology to enable intuitive and physical interactions with the virtual world. Players can pick up objects, throw them, stack them, and perform various actions with their hands.

Hidden Easter Eggs and Secrets:

The game is filled with hidden secrets, Easter eggs, and amusing references to pop culture, encouraging players to explore and discover playful surprises.

Free Play Mode:

Besides the structured job scenarios, the game offers a “Free Play” mode that allows players to explore the environments without specific objectives or time constraints. This mode encourages creative experimentation and interaction with the game world.

Kid Mode:

Job Simulator includes a “Kid Mode” option, making the game more accessible and enjoyable for younger players by toning down the language and making it appropriate for all ages.

Job Simulator System Requirements:

  • OS: Win 7 64
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590 3.3GHz / AMD FX-8350
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon R9 290 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 4GB
  • VRAM: 4GB
  • System Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Storage: 1 GB Hard drive space
  • DirectX 11 Compatible Graphics Card

How To Download Job Simulator PC?

  • First, click the given below Download Button.
  • Now click on the Download Job Simulator PC Game button.
  • The download process will begin and the free installer authoritatively formulated by PCGames24x7.Info
  • Complete the download and install the game.
  • Having a reliable Internet Connection, all processes will be simple and fast.
  • When you complete the installation then you can enjoy the Job Simulator For Free.

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