Chocolatier Decadence By Design PC Game

Chocolatier Decadence By Design PC Game Free Download

Chocolatier Decadence By Design PC Game Free Download

Chocolatier Decadence By Design Free Download is an economic simulation game set in the post-World War II economic boom, where your challenge is to manage the Baumeister family’s global pastry business while Alex, who we’ve seen in previous games in the Chocolatier series, goes to court to find her husband, who does not come home after the war. As you travel to Cape Town, Tokyo, Toronto, Baghdad, Havana, San Francisco and more around the world, you’ll find new recipes, make deals with traders for essential ingredients like milk, hazelnut, lemon, mint, caramel, coconut and honey, all your delicious chocolate creations in different factories with special equipment and sell them for a nice profit.

Chocolatier Decadence By Design PC Game

Your ultimate goal is to take over the largest chocolate factories in the world and make a fortune as the world’s largest chocolate supplier. Unlike previous Chocolatier games, Chocolatier Decadence by Design lets you experiment with ingredients to create your own chocolates that eventually become part of the game’s recipe book! You can also name and sell your creations alongside existing and new Baumeister delicacies such as coffee products, truffles infusions and other products.

Chocolatier Decadence By Design PC Game Download

In Chocolatier Decadence By Design, players can create their own chocolate by combining ingredients from the Chocolatier Decadence and designing their own chocolate. This is Chocolatier’s third video game. I was even happier to see this version of Chocolatier expanded to allow the player to design their own chocolate to sell. This idea was a logical progression from the other game, in which the player has a chocolate-tasting laboratory, but can only experiment to discover recipes previously created by designers.

Chocolatier Decadence By Design PC Game

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  • For the first time, you have full control over the ingredients, appearance, name and description of your custom recipes.
  • How you customize your chocolate will have a financial impact on your success.
  • Travel to ports around the world to discover ingredients, build your empire and follow the saga of the Baumeister family.
  • An economic sim that focuses on delicious chocolate.
  • The latest instalment in the award-winning Chocolatier® franchise.

Chocolatier Decadence By Design System Requirements:

  • OS: Windows® 2000, XP, XP SP2.
  • Processor: Pentium III 700 MHz.
  • Memory: 128 MB.
  • Graphics: 3D video card, 64MB recommended.
  • DirectX®: 7.0.
  • Hard Drive: 40 MB.

How To Install Chocolatier Decadence By Design PC?

  • Click on the download button. You will be redirected to our download page.
  • Click Download Chocolatier Decadence By Design for PC.
  • Your download will launch the free installer officially on PCGames24x7.Info.
  • Download and install the file, then you can install the game.
  • If you have a good internet connection, you can easily download the game.
  • After you complete the installation, you can enjoy Chocolatier Decadence By Design PC for free.

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